No-Till Gauge Wheels


  • Open design with open spoke and horizontal fingers allows debris and wet soil to escape while offering a significant performance increase in muddy soil. No-Till Gauge Wheels work excellently while being used behind a fertilizer opener.

  • Greatly reduces sidewall compaction as the wheels do not contact the ground continuously.

  • Wheels act as a rotary scraper designed to scrape outward from the center of the disk which will allow seed openers and coulters to continue to turn in harsh conditions. No-Till Gauge Wheels will also enhance the performance of stock scrapers. Any scraper can be used in conjunction with these wheels.

  • Excel in no-till, minimum and conventional till environments with very hard soil.

  • Wheels have an easy bolt-on installation and can be easily retrofitted to most any planter with stock rubber gauge wheels.

Price: $250.00/Row

Part Number: PW-278