PC-4000 Planter Caddy

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We offer Four-Wheel, & Six-Wheel Planter Caddies in 22", and 30", row spacing. The PC-4000 will carry our Rapid-Till HD and your planter all in one machine for a true "one-pass" tilling and planting operation.

The four-wheel caddy (Model # PC-4400) is designed to carry up to a 12-row machines with or without tanks. A six-wheel caddy became available in 2005 for handling larger equipment and heavier loads. For hitch styles, we offer a 3-point mounted pull-type hitch (also called semi-mount) or a true pull-type hitch (hooks to your tractor's drawbar).

The Planter Caddy keeps the planter aligned perfectly with the strip till ensuring you plant in the right place. The Planter Caddy can carry a large fertilizer load to reduce stops. The PC-4000 has a short turning radius and handles the large loads with ease. All 4000 Series Planter Caddies have large diameter tires (11R-22.5) for smooth travelling over rough terrain. For even smoother travel, the 4-wheel & 6-wheel caddies come with independent, hydraulic suspension. The lifting wheels move forward when lifting the machine, reducing the stress on the tractor when transporting or turning around on ends of the field. When lowered, the wheels return to their rearward position increasing the weight on the tractor for better traction, making the 4000 Series Caddy easier to pull. A common row crop planter (John Deere, White, Monosem, etc.) is easily attached to the 4000 Series Caddy by hooking into two quick-attach brackets bolted to the main frame of the planter (not to the actual 3pt plates of the planter). The quick-attach mounts are spaced wider than the 3pt plates of the planter to improve the stability of the planter and make attachment and removal of the planter a one man job.

We have a full line of fertilizer application equipment; including, piston pumps & pump drives, flow dividers, fertilizer tanks and saddles, and anything you would need to do the job right. We have several different options for tank mounting configurations. Pictured above is a six‑wheel caddy with a 12‑row Till‑N‑Plant machine and two 500 gallon tanks.