Posi Close Wheels

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Common rubber wheels are normally associated with the seed trench crusting and baking, or simply opening back up when they are used in wet soil. This is by far the most common complaint from farmers using traditional wheels. Posi-Close Planter Wheels will leave soft mulch on top of the seedbed to prevent crusting and baking. Posi-Close Wheels will not leave any smearing or extreme compaction which is always coupled with use of regular rubber wheels. No need to worry about the seed trench opening back up with our wheels because there will be no seed trench. With the patented "horizontal rod" design, and with a wide ground path, Posi-Close Wheels will literally destroy the seed trench.



Seed-To-Soil Contact

Posi-Close Planter Wheels will effectively firm the soil around the seed, creating excellent seed-to-soil contact. Other aftermarket “spiked” wheels are less likely to firm the soil around the seed and have been know to even lift the seed out of the trench. Good soil contact with the seed kernel is one of the most important aspects of obtaining uniform emergence.


Terrain / Soil Capabilities

Our wheels excel at fully closing the seed trench. Planting on hilly terrain, or planting in hard soil conditions, or in some cases, no-till practices all require different configurations for maximum closure. Our answer is that Posi-Close Planter Wheels are adjustable for width to give greater ability to close stubborn seed trenches. Most people run Posi-Close Planter Wheels at their normal operating setting, which is with 3-8" - 1/2" between rods. This is the best setting for most conditions and for hilly terrain where the planter unit can side-shift off the row. For those difficult-to-close trenches, Posi-Close Wheels can be set in so the rods actually mesh together - like two gears. This concentrates the wheel's force on a smaller area. Also, there is no need for drag chains.

Posi-Close Wheels work well in practically any planting situation, from no-till to conventional till. Posi-Close Wheels also perform well in all soil types, from sandy to silty soils to sticky, heavy clays.



All Schlagel MFG closing wheels are shipped with the same bearings that are currently in use on your planter.  Getting parts is easy, just go to your dealer and order the same bearings as always.