Rapid Till Strip Till Machine
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New 24 Row 30" Spacing Rapid Till now available.

Rapid Till units are light weight, low draft units perfect for the fall or spring application of fertilizer. The row units allow you to apply dry or liquid fertilizer. Rapid Till units can be utilized at speeds up to 10 mph making large acreages easy to cover. Till units have row cleaners and finger gauge wheels. The shank fits a common bolt pattern and allows the use of many aftermarket shank options. All unit adjustments are accomplished by pins so they are easy, consistent and precise. There are no grease zerks on Rapid Till units decreasing maintenance time. An easy to reach shear bolt provides rock protection. The rear gauge wheels are adjustable for width and options are available for building a berm. Because the Rapid Till units have low draft and low weight they can be pulled by smaller tractors.

Row cleaners are adjustable for height and width. Their finger design moves residue, not soil. Adjustable width allows you to decide how wide of an area is swept clean. All residue is left on the surface but a strip of soil remains exposed so the soil warms quicker in the spring.

A lift assist option is available to connect the planter behind the Rapid Till Machine allowing one pass tilling and planting operation.

Low cost, quality construction, ease of maintenance and excellent performance make the Rapid Till the smart choice for a wide range of farmers.

High Residue Flow

One of the key features of the Rapid Till machine is its ability to handle high residue situations. Its design allows the trash to flow through the row unit components with minimal disturbance and minimal plugging. Field tests have shown the Rapid Till excels at handling high residue situations.


20" Flat Coulter
1/2" x 3" Shank
Two 17" Wavy Coulters
16" Dual Wheel Light Packer
Adjustable Row Cleaners





  • 4   Row 20", 22" 30" 36" 38"
  • 6   Row 20", 22" 30" 36" 38"
  • 8   Row 20", 22" 30" 36" 38"
  • 10 Row 20", 22" 30" 36"
  • 12 Row 20", 22" 30"
  • 10 Row 20", 22" 30" 36" 38"
  • 12 Row 20", 22" 30" 36" 38"
  • 16 Row 20", 22" 30" 36" 38"
  • 24 Row 20", 22"
24 Row 30" Caddy Style with Double Folding Tool Bar

Other Custom Configurations Available Upon Request