Schlagel Manufacturing is the family Business

Made by farmers, for farmers

Used to be, plowing was only the first step in a long, tiring tillage process to prepare soil for planting. (And even then, once the crop was finally in the ground, it was still vulnerable to wind and water erosion.)

Ron Schlagel knew there had to be a better way.

After experimenting with minimum tillage and trying several different methods without success, Ron used his personal knowledge and experience to create the Till-N-Plant: A machine that, in a single pass, could create a perfect seedbed and apply fertilizer in a variety of conditions and soil types.

The machine worked so well that, before long, friends were asking Ron to build them Till-N-Plants of their own—and from these humble roots, Schlagel Manufacturing was born.

For nearly 30 years, our product line has nearly tripled, growing to include our best-selling Posi-Close Wheels, Rapid Till and Rapid Till HD, the Gopher Eliminator, and other specialized pieces of equipment designed to meet the needs of farmers, ranchers, and construction workers alike.

Just like in the beginning, we still design and manufacture all our equipment at our family-owned facility in Torrington, Wyoming. We create products that are simple, stalwart, and in it for the long haul—just like we are.