Alex Harrell wins with schlagel

When it comes to Alex Harrell’s record-breaking systems approach, he chooses Schlagel Manufacturing’s Rapid Till to maximize his harvest yield.

“I use a Schlagel Rapid Till, and I strip into a four-way cover crop mix. I plan a fall cover crop mix of triticale rye oats and daikon radish, and I ran a Schlagel Rapid Till right through that.”

Alex Harrell

Maximizing Yields with the Schlagel Rapid Till System

“We do something a little different. We run the depth of this machine off the rear basket. That’s our gauge wheel for the whole machine, and that gives us a unique opportunity to firm that seed-bed up a little differently than most companies do. For Alex, you go to those meetings and you listen. You talk to guys about yield potential, and the guys that are winning, and I’m not trying to put words in Alex’s mouth, but the guys that are really having good success with that, talk about seed to soil contact. Our whole company, everything we sell is based around having seed to soil contact when you’re planting.

For this machine to be able to have a shank rip, everything folds back in with our wavies, and then to get compressed here on the back, we really give that seed a good chance to have good germination, and even germination across the field. I was at a conference not too long ago and I heard somebody mention if you’re going to be in a competition like that, especially on corn, if those corn plants don’t emerge within six hours, I think it was six hours or 12 hours of each other, you don’t even have a chance of winning that competition, which was amazing to me. Which tells you it has to be pretty perfect, and near perfect seed-bed conditions would be no voids whatsoever. We do a really, really good job of having a void in the seed-bed that’s ready for planting.” – Jonathan Spence

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