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Gopher Eliminator

Our Gopher Eliminator is the last pest-baiting machine you’ll ever have to buy! It’s durable, powerful, and made to withstand the horsepower of larger tractors and is the height to easily hook up to your 3-point hitch (though it works fine on smaller tractors, too).

The flat coulter cuts through the ground to allow the shank and bait delivery system to create a tunnel that delivers the bait to vermin underground.  Then the rear drive wheel seals the tunnel.

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Sight Glass

Built-in sight glass on the hopper for easy viewing of bait


Cast Point

For durability on the ¾” plate shank


No Plug System

Bait delivery system is simply designed, so it won’t plug up or slow you down.



Double unit- two units can be mounted onto longer bars for a multiple-baiting system, allowing you to cover more acres in a day (14’ per pass), cut down on compaction, and run both sides at once.



Category 2 or Category 3 three-point hookups

24” Flat Coulter

Total product weight: 950 lb.

Height from ground to Center Link Pin: 50″

Height from ground to Lower 3 Point Pins: 31″



2022 Gopher Eliminator User Manual

2021 Gopher Eliminator User Manual 

2018 Gopher Eliminator User Manual

Gopher Eliminator Product Sheet

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