Our Gopher Eliminator is the last pest-baiting machine you will ever have to buy! It’s durable, powerful, and made to withstand the horsepower of larger tractors (though it works fine on smaller tractors, too).

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The machine has Category 2 and Category 3 three-point hookups and a sturdy, well-built frame.


For larger operations, the machine can be unbolted from its included three-point bar and re-bolted to any 7” bar for multiple machine baiting. (Machine stands are mounted on each end of the three-point bar.)

Bait is made easily accessible to pests via the depth-adjustable tunnel former, which we’ve hard-surfaced for maximum durability.


We’ve ensured the seed delivery system is simply designed and won’t easily plug up.

For cutting through trash, residue, and roots, the Gopher Eliminator is designed with a 24” diameter flat coulter. Both the front flat coulter and rear gauge/drive tire are adjustable for depth.  

On the machine’s ¾” plate shank, you’ll see a cast point to effortlessly shatter and flow through the ground.

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