Gopher Eliminator

Our Gopher Eliminator is the last pest-baiting machine you’ll ever have to buy! It’s durable, powerful, and made to withstand the horsepower of larger tractors (though it works fine on smaller tractors, too).

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A long forming tunnel, hard surfaced for maximum durability, makes the bait easily accessible to vermin.


For larger operations, these units can be unbolted from the standard three-point bar, and two units can be mounted onto longer bars for a multiple-baiting system.


The Gopher Eliminator is designed with a 24” diameter flat coulter for cutting through trash, residue, and roots, and both the front flat coulter and rear gauge/drive tire are adjustable for depth.

You’ll also see a built-in sight glass on the hopper for easy viewing of bait, and a cast point on the machine’s ¾” plate shank to flow through the ground.

We’ve also ensured the bait delivery system is simply designed, so it won’t plug up or slow you down.


Now available exclusively through Schlagel Manufacturing! We’ve added an additional bar and unit to the single Gopher Eliminator, allowing you to cover more acres in a day (14’ per pass), cut down on compaction, and run both sides at once.


  • Pasture and alfalfa fields
  • Category 2 and Category 3 three-point hookups
  • Sturdy, well-built frame
  • Total product weight: 950 lb.
  • Height from ground to Center Link Pin: 50″
  • Height from ground to Lower 3 Point Pins: 31″

Two or more units can be mounted onto one longer bar, creating a multiple-baiting system.


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