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Heavy-Duty Grapple Fork

A multi-use grapple, our heavy-duty Grapple Fork securely grasps hay bales and aggressively handles trees, cement and debris. It’s an ideal tool for contractors, farmers, ranchers, livestock feeders, maintenance shops, clean-up crews, city/town shops, construction/demolition and more!

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Built to withstand the abuse that today’s heavy loaders can dish out, the Grapple Fork features heavy-walled, square-tube construction and thick, 1” steel teeth. Each tooth is fitted with a shear bolt for added protection.

Teeth- 1” steel teeth, each fitted with a shear bolt for added protection

Mounting- double-sliding pin mounting system, and we include four weld-on mounting brackets to ensure quick and easy installation.



We offer two sizes to better fit your bucket: 

Short: 84 1/2″ x 50 1/8″ (LxH) , tooth length 29″

Tall: 84 1/2″ x 56 1/2″ (LxH), tooth length 29″



Large wheel loaders (Caterpillar, John Deere, Volvo, Case)



Download the Heavy-Duty Grapple Fork product sheet

Download the Heavy-Duty Grapple Fork parts manual

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