No-Till Gauge Wheels

Designed to allow debris and wet soil to escape, our No-Till Gauge Wheels offer a significant performance increase in muddy soil. They also excel when used behind a fertilizer opener, as well as in no-till environments with very hard soil.

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Not only do our No-Till Gauge Wheels greatly reduce sidewall compaction, they also act as a rotary scraper (scraping outward from the center of the disk)—which allows seed openers and coulters to continue to turn in harsh conditions.

When using our Wheels in conjunction with any stock scraper, you’ll notice a massive (and immediate) boost in performance.

  • No-till operations 

For ease, No-Till Gauge wheels can be easily retrofitted to any planter with stock rubber gauge wheels via easy, bolt-on installation.

  • Any row crop
  • Diameter: 14 1/4″
  • Width or footprint: 4 1/4″
  • John Deere planters
  • White planters
  • Kenzie planters
  • Great Plains planters
  • Case Planters

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