PC-4000, PC-4600

Our planter caddies will carry your Rapid-Till HD and planter all in one machine, creating a true “one-pass” tilling and planting operation! The design keeps your planter and strip till perfectly aligned (ensuring you’re planting in the right place), and to reduce your stops, there’s even capacity to add on a large fertilizer load.

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We offer four-wheel and six-wheel caddies in 22” and 30” row spacing. The four-wheel caddy (PC-4400) is designed to carry up to 12-row machines, with or without tanks. The six-wheel caddy (PC-4600) is designed for handling larger equipment and heavier loads.


To attach a common row crop planter (John Deere, White, Monosem, etc.) to your caddy, simply hook in to the two quick-attach brackets bolted to the main frame of your planter. These mounts are spaced wider than the planter’s three-point plates, improving overall stability and making the task of planter attachment/removal a one-man job.

For hitch styles, we offer a 3-point mounted pull-type hitch (also called semi-mount) or a true pull-type hitch (hooks to your tractor’s drawbar).


For smooth travel, both the four-wheel and six-wheel caddies are designed with independent hydraulic suspension and large-diameter tires (11R-22.5). When lifting the machine (during transport or when turning around on ends of the field), the lifting wheels move forward to reduce stress on the tractor. Once lowered, the wheels return to their rearward position, increasing the weight on the tractor to improve traction and make the caddy easier to pull.

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