Posi-Close Planter Wheels

Posi-Close Planter Wheels aggressively destroy the seed trench, creating excellent seed-to-soil contact for better seedling emergence and crop stand.

They’re designed to prevent crusting and baking by leaving a soft mulch on top of the seedbed. And there’s no need to worry about the seed trench opening back up, either. With their patented “horizontal rod” design and wide ground path, our closing wheels literally destroy the seed trench and virtually eliminate any chance of smearing or extreme compaction.

Product Details


  • Includes most 1700 series planters made from late 1990s to current
  • Case-IH 800-900 & 1200 Series
  • Great Plains – Yield-Pro Planters
  • John Deere – MaxEmerge PLUS, XP, PRO
  • Kinze – 1993-Present
  • Monosem
  • White – 5000, 6000 & 8000 Series

The wheels are attached to the planter with a 5/8″or 16mm bolt, with spacers/washers to adjust spacing.


Some early 1700 MaxEmerge 2 series planters require different wheels. MaxEmerge (7000-7100) and MaxEmerge 2 (7200-7300 – early 1700) that have upgraded tailpieces will usually use this wheel style.

White planters with a single-wide closing wheel system will not work with Posi-Close Wheels. We recommend converting the planter to the “V” style dual wheel system. We do not carry a conversion kit for White, but one can be obtained through your local White dealer. Once single-wheel systems are converted, PW-193NT wheels will fit onto the planter.

5000 Series single-wheel planters are required to order an adaptor bracket to facilitate our closing wheels. The bracket is available from S.I. Distributing (800-368-7773), part number #PLT125001.



  • John Deere MaxEmerge2 7200, 7300, & early 1700 series

The wheels are mounted over a shaft on the tailpiece and are held on with left and right hand nuts. The original dust cap may be used with these wheels.


Some planters have been updated to newer cast iron tailpieces and require PW-193NT (see below). Please call us if you have any questions, and we will be happy to find the correct wheel for your specific planter.


  • John Deere MaxEmerge 7000-7100
  • Kinze (1965-1992)

The wheels are attached via the bearing spindle sliding into a tube on the tailpiece and are fastened with 1/4″ roll pins.

Note: Some planters have been updated to newer tailpieces and require PW-193NT. If your tailpieces are worn out, we highly recommend you update to newer aftermarket tailpieces.


Wheels do include hardware (shown below) to bolt the center hub to outer ring.


  • Case-IH 800-900 & 1200 Series

These planters have a single-wide closing wheel system and must be converted to the “V” style dual wheel system to accommodate our Posi-Close Wheels. Conversion can be done via our PW-293 kit, which requires the removal of existing arms and wheel. The kit can, however, be used with or without the original planter closing disks.


Order one conversion kit and one pair of wheels per row. Mounting hardware for the wheels is included in the conversion kit.


Closing Wheels in Action