The handiest tool you’ll ever buy, our Quik-Lift Bumper Hoist is always there when you need it and never in your way when you don’t. The hoist’s ability to lift up to 1,000 lb. easily turns the work of two or more people into a simple, near-effortless job for one.

If you’re ready to save money, save your back, and get more work done in less time, invest in a Quik-Lift Bumper Hoist today!

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Thanks to swiveling hydraulic fittings inside the mast, the boom reach can rotate indefinitely—allowing you to complete tasks that other hoists simply can’t do.


With its impressive lifting capabilities, this is an ideal tool for contractors, service people, farmers, utility companies, and anyone who’s ready to increase productivity, decrease injuries, and solve many common delivery and service problems.


Operation is simple, using a handheld, quick-response control unit with buttons for “up” and “down.” A 20’ long remote switch makes it so one operator can control raising and lowering a load with one hand, and stabilize the load with the other.


The hydraulic system consists of a 12V DC electric/hydraulic pump with mounted solenoid control valve. (Note: If interference is encountered, this pump can be remotely mounted.)


When the “up” button on the control unit is depressed, a solenoid engages the power for the motor and pressure is applied to the unit. When the “down” button is depressed, a solenoid opens the valve (motor stays off) and the pressure is released from the cylinders.


The power requirements of the hoist are minimal, and continual use is possible. We include a heavy, 4-gauge battery cable (25’), which must be connected to a good 12V source (such as battery or contact) before use.


When not in use, the hoist neatly folds down to store inside the bumper.

A lockable tool box on the left-hand side of the bumper stores the control switch, power cable, chains, and tools, while a storage compartment in the main frame of the hoist holds your included stabilizer stands.

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