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Quick-Lift Bumper Hoist

Quik-Lift Bumper Hoist is always there when you need it and never in your way when you don’t. The hoist’s ability to lift up to 1,000 lb. easily turns the work of two or more people into a simple, near-effortless job for one. Thanks to swiveling hydraulic fittings inside the mast, the boom reach can rotate indefinitely—allowing you to complete tasks that other hoists simply can’t do.

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Power Requirements

Included is a heavy, 4-gauge battery cable (25’), which must be connected to a good 12V source (such as battery or contact) before use. 



The hydraulic system consists of a 12V DC electric/hydraulic pump with a mounted solenoid control valve. (Note: If interference is encountered, this pump can be remotely mounted.)



When not in use, the hoist neatly folds down to store inside the bumper. A lockable tool box on the left-hand side of the bumper stores the control switch, power cable, chains, and tools, while a storage compartment in the main frame of the hoist holds your included stabilizer stands.



Total product weight: 500 lb.

Handles up to 1,000 lb.



Quik-Lift Bumper Hoist Product Sheet

Quik-Lift Bumper Hoist Operator’s Manual


See the hoist in action in this episode of Performance TV!

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