Rapid Till HD System

The Rapid Till HD is our heavy-duty strip till unit for farming in tough, high-residue conditions. Its design allows trash to flow through the row unit components with minimal disturbance and minimal plugging.

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In place of the standard shear bolt, a hydraulic reset is available. This automatically resets the shank after it clears an obstruction, without any effort from the operator.

  • Reduced tillage

It’s easy to adjust the machine to get the job done exactly the way you want. Adjust the down-pressure by moving one pin; the front coulter depth by moving one bolt; and the wavy coulters and rear packer by moving a single pin.

  • Any row crop

Standard equipment options include:

  • 24″ flat coulter
  • Built-in row cleaners
  • 3/4″ semi-parabolic shank with 6” point
  • Two 20″ wavy coulters
  • 16″ dual-wheel light packer

An average of 25 HP per row is recommended, but actual horsepower requirements will vary with options and soil conditions.

There are four key components to the row unit: A flat coulter, built-in row cleaners with a semi-parabolic shank, wavy coulters, and a dual-wheel packer.

The row unit starts with a flat coulter to cut residue and built-in row cleaners to move residue in front of the 3/4″ thick semi-parabolic shank. The shank can be adjusted to till from 6-16” deep. Both this shank and the point are designed to prevent soil from slabbing up in big chunks.

Behind the shanks, two wavy coulters lift and pinch the soil together. This closes the void left by the shank and removes any air pockets in the seed bed.

The final component of the row unit is the dual-wheel packer, which acts as a “depth gauge wheel” for the row unit. This packer firms the soil, reducing moisture evaporation and breaking up any dirt clods that can impede seed placement and seed-to-soil contact.

  • 4 to 16 row machine
  • 20″ row spacing (up to 40″ row spacing to accommodate your equipment)
  • Planter CaddyOur planter caddies will carry your Rapid-Till HD and planter all in one machine, creating a true “one-pass” tilling and planting operation.

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