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Strip Freshener Kit

Convert your Rapid Till machine to a Strip Freshener in minutes!  

Why get a whole new machine when the one you already have can do the work of two? 

Our kit converts your Rapid Till to a Strip Freshener in less than 5 minutes per row. Just swap out the knives on the shanks with this conversion kit, and you’re done!

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Once you’ve installed your kit on your Rapid Till, one machine can do the work of two. Strip till in the fall, then head out to freshen your rows in the spring before you plant.

We’ve designed the freshener kit to go on fast when you’re ready to get to work, and come off even faster when you’re done.



Working in wet soil conditions? Our kit gets you out in the field faster! Run it through your strip-tilled field this spring to remove winter crust from the soil, and you’ll be ready for planting earlier than ever. 



Installation takes three steps and less than five minutes per row. 

Simply remove the knife off the shank, add the bracket with the “V” pointed forward, then add the row cleaners. All set!



Schlagel Rapid Till System (not compatible with Rapid Till HD)



Strip Freshener Kit Product Sheet

Strip Freshener Kit Assembly

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