Rapid Till System for Strip-Till Farming

Quality construction, ease of maintenance, and excellent performance make our Strip Till systems a smart choice for a wide range of farmers.

One of our high-quality, well-engineered strip tillage equipment options is our Rapid Till system, designed to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.

Our strip till systems deliver excellent performance, optimizing seedbed preparation and nutrient placement to enhance your crop yields. With innovative features and robust engineering, our Rapid Till systems are a sound investment to prioritize sustainable and productive farming practices on your farm operation.

Check out our options below to find the model right for you.

Lightweight and low draft, the Rapid Till system can travel up to 10 m.p.h., so you can cover large acreages in a short amount of time. Our strip till systems deliver excellent performance.

For farming in rugged areas, go with the Rapid Till HD system. It’s our heavy duty strip till system, designed for tough, high-residue conditions. 

Product Details

Rapid Till

The Rapid Till is a strip till system that is lightweight, low draft and is able to travel up to 10 m.p.h., allowing you to cover more acres in less time. These machines are perfect for applying fertilizer, and can be attached to your planter to allow for a one-pass planting system.

common wear parts

Coulters and bearings are standard parts that can be found your local dealership

pin adjustable

Adjust and set up your machine to fit your soil conditions & preferences

Adjustable Shank Depths

Running depths range from 2” to 11”

Horsepower Needed

Each row unit weighs 350 lb. and, on average, requires 20 HP per row to pull

  • Use optional planter lift assist and link arms to connect a planter and complete a one-pass tilling and planting operation
  • The Strip Freshener Kit allows for strip tilling in the fall and freshening in the spring
  • Folding bar
  • 20″ flat coulter
  • Adjustable row cleaners
  • 3/4″ x 4″ shank
  • Two 17″ wavy coulters
  • 16″ dual-wheel light packer

Rapid Till HD

Built to handle rocky and high-residue conditions, the Rapid Till HD—our heavy duty strip till system—lets you till deeper in rough soil. A standard shear bolt or a hydraulic reset is available for taking on especially challenging soil conditions.


Coulters and bearings are standard parts that can be found your local dealership


Adjust and set up your machine to fit your soil conditions and preferences

Adjustable shank depths

Running depths range from 6” to 16”

Horsepower Needed

An average of 25 HP per row is recommended, but actual horsepower requirements will vary with options and soil conditions.

  • 4 to 16 row machine with 20”- 40″ row spacing to accommodate your equipment
  • Planter Caddy – Our planter caddies will carry your Rapid-Till HD and planter all in one machine, creating a true “one-pass” tilling and planting operation.
  • Folding bar
  • Folding bar with planter caddy mounts
  • Planter link arms
  • 24″ flat coulter
  • Built-in row cleaners
  • 3/4″ semi-parabolic shank with 6” point
  • Two 20″ wavy coulters
  • 16″ dual-wheel packer

Strip Till Systems in Action