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Adjustable Winged Ditcher

With adjustments for wing width, wing angle, and point angle, you can easily set your winged ditcher to be as aggressive as you need.

The hard-surfaced tillage point is designed to prevent slabbing in clay-type soils, and it’s held in place by two bolts for quick, easy replacement.

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Ditcher wings are made of sturdy 1/4″ plate with hard surfacing on the leading edges.

Single clamps are made for 7″ or 7”x 5” bars.

Minimum width: 7″

Maximum width: 15″

Total length: 16″



A kit is available for the B&H Cultivator. This leaves the original B&H shank in place, but allows for mounting of a second shank (1” x 3” – sold separately) behind the original shank.



Winged Ditcher Product Sheet 

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